The MRCA has released the initial MRCA Antweight Rankings.  See the Rankings page for the full list, which includes results from both Michigan Mashup and Wisconsin Robotic Combat tournaments in 2021.  Below, we unveil the top 10 ranked MRCA antweights heading into 2022 and the inaugural season.

Top 10

  1. Rules of Acquisition
  2. Chreig Jarviszion
  3. Weird Flex
  4. Theseus
  5. The Almighty "Crixus"
  6. Nosferatu
  7. Paul's Revenge
  8. Super Space Turtle
  9. Necessary Evil
  10. (tie) Pronghorn, Unicorn Death Blade

1 Rules of Acquisition

Team - Killa Bees
WRC Status - Registered

This drum bot has been a consistent force in the Michigan Mashup and Wisconsin Robot Combat Events.  Will it get off the schneid and win at WRC in January?  Driver and builder Brendan Metz is hoping so, but will also be bringing a hubmotor-driven horizontal, Gowron’s Glory.

2 Chreig Jarviszion

Team - TORG
WRC Status - Not Registered

After a deep run at Michigan Mashup 2, this vertical spinner is awaiting its WRC debut.  Chreig shows similar consistent results as Rules of Acquisition, bringing it to the top of the mountain in the MRCA rankings.

3 Weird Flex

Team - Y_O Robotics
WRC Status - Registered

The surprise winner of Michigan Mashup 2 in 2021, Weird Flex is back to terrorize again. The unique flexible chassis and effective forks make the bot a potential pit-out victor in any match with a pit.  The WRC arena has a pit. (Rumor has it Joseph is looking to make the pit lip smaller.)  Can Rachel keep the magical run going?

4 Theseus

Team - GBT Robotics
WRC Status - Registered

Perhaps the most widely feared robot, this mini-Tombstone horizontal spinner is just as formidable as the heavyweight before it.  Ethan will be looking to continue destroying opponents, while also bringing a new pneumatic flipper, Pirithous. With metal kickplates at WRC, Theseus is much less likely to lose by getting stuck in the wall.

5 The Almighty "Crixus"

Team - Superbad Robotics
WRC Status - Registered

Santana’s egg beater design has been the best of his stable of great, damaging designs.  Superbad will be bringing a whole team of bots to WRC, including 3 antweights.  Like Rules of Acquisition, Santana will be looking to get Crixus to break through with a tournament win.

6 Nosferatu

WRC Status - Registered

The dangerous vertical spinner will be at WRC, along with its brother, Leatherface. Jeremiah will look to instill horror in opponents with his super-powered weapon motor and great driving.  Can he follow up a 2nd place finish at the last WRC with a 1st place finish this time?

7 Paul's Revenge

Team - Bad Engineering Choices
WRC Status - Registered

A drum bot with a unique clutch-like design, Paul’s Revenge was the first champion in an MRCA-ranked event.  John will look to recapture that success again at WRC in January.  After multiple design upgrades, he looks well-positioned to advance in the bracket.

8 Super Space Turtle

Team - Y_O Robotics
WRC Status - Not Registered

Another strong wedge from Y_O Robotics, the turtle is currently on the bench.  It is a potential entrant in the upcoming Michigan Mashup, but Remy is bringing a highly innovative antweight shuffler, Mudskipper, to WRC.  Upgrades to Super Space Turtle are pending, giving this bot major upside potential.

9 Necessary Evil

Team - Imminent Disaster
WRC Status - Registered

Necessary Evil will look to continue a string of great results at Joseph’s home competition in January.  One of the most powerful robots in the field, Necessary Evil could take advantage of pit modifications to advance deep again.

10(tie) Pronghorn

Team - Lusciopia Robotics
WRC Status - Not Registered

The lone walker in the top 10 of the rankings, Pronghorn and its powerful, massive drum will be waiting to fight again.  Despite the mobility limitations of a true walker, the robot has dished out its share of huge hits.  More huge hits are sure to come the next time Pronghorn enters an MRCA battle.

10(tie) Unicorn Death Blade

Team - Crackhead Energy
WRC Status - Registered

This horizontal spinner from the manically-named Team Crackhead will join a huge field of other horizontals at the WRC event.  After some clear success in 2021, Unicorn Death Blade will look to advance even further and gain automatic qualification through a top 3 finish.