Season 3 Rankings (2024)

Season 2 Rankings (2023)

How the Ranking System Works

Our ranking system is based on the Elo method with a unique seasonal adjustment. Points from fights lose half their value with each passing season (100% for current, 50% for last, 25% for two seasons ago). The system also distinguishes between win types: full points are awarded for clear, decisive wins such as knockouts and tap outs, whereas judges' decision wins are assigned 70% of the points.

The Elo rating system is a strategic tool for assessing players' skills in various games, most notably in chess. It assigns a numerical value to each player, indicative of their playing strength. After every match, the Elo system recalculates ratings: a win against a higher-rated opponent boosts a player’s rating significantly, while a loss to a lower-rated player results in a larger decrease. This system not only tracks wins and losses but does so in a way that considers the relative skill level of opponents, making it a sophisticated measure of a player's ability and progress over time.