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Getting Started

So you're ready to build your first robot, but you don't know where to start? Well, this is the right place! The resources on this page can take you far into your combat robotics journey.  Also make sure to check out the MRCA social media pages and Discord. If you plan on attending an MRCA event, catch up on our rules here.

Beginner Tutorials

Witch Doctor Junior - Created by Team Witch Doctor, this video series is the quickest and easiest way to learn to build a robot. If you only do one bit of research, make it this

Getting Started - Just 'Cuz Robotics - This video by Just 'Cuz Robotics goes over what to expect  at your first robot fighting competition

SPARC Getting Started Guide - SPARC is the organization that governs robot combat rules. They have also put together a good introduction to robot combat

RioBotz Combat Robot Tutorial - If you prefer to learn the traditional way, with a book, this is the one you want. Written by Marco Antonio Meggiolaro of team Minotar, it is considered by many to be the Bible of combat robotics

How to Build a Test Box - In this video Zach of Team Skorpios walks you through how to build a simple test box to spin up dangerous weapons in a safe environment

Programming a Flysky FS-i6 Transmitter - The Flysky FS-i6 may be the most popular transmitter in combat robotics. This is because it's relatively inexpensive and easy to adjust settings on the go. This guide goes through everything you need to know to use this transmitter. You can also buy one here

OnShape - Ready to design your own parts, but need modeling software? OnShape is a great free option for beginners. Plenty of tutorials are available online

Fusion 360 - One of the lead competitors with OnShape for free online CAD. If you want a different modelling software, try this

Competition Websites

Nearly all robot combat events in the country (including all MRCA events) will be listed on one or both of these websites. Check back with them regularly to find events near you!

Robot Combat Events

Builders Database

Starter Kits

A variety of combat robot kits are included in this section. For absolute beginners, the Fingertech Viper, Necessary Evil, or Nuts & Bots kits are recommended. Some of these other kits offer a challenge to someone who wants to go deeper

Fingertech Viper - This antweight bot is by far the most popular starter kit because it is easy to build, relatively robust, and very customizable. This is also a great option to get kids started in robotics. If you want to put more design work into your first bot, go for the "Naked" Viper kit

Necessary Evil - Designed by MRCA founder Joseph Betz, this is the unoffcial kit of the MRCA. With a first and second place finish at Michigan Mashup in 2022, its one worth checking out

Battle Robot Kits - This site is home to a variety of antweight kits. If, for some reason, you just want to battle and not build your own robot, you can pay to have these kits pre-assembled

Absolute Chaos Robotics - Absolute Chaos offers horizontal spinner kits for the Fairy, Ant, and Beetleweight classes. They may not be the most effective kits, but as the name implies, they can be very entertaining

BotKits - D2 & Candy Wasp - BotKits is home to the highly effective wedge bots D2 (beetleweight) and Candy Wasp (antweight). Soldering is required. They also sell a beetleweight base which a weapon can be added to

SSP - Beetleweight lifter bot from Just 'Cuz Robotics

Nuts & Bots - Nuts & Bots offers a variety of non-destructive fairyweight kits. These may be a good option for kids or someone who wants to practice driving without a test box. They do ship from the UK, so don't expect them to come quick.

Turnabot - Another seller of non-destructive fairyweight robots, this one is US based

PhantomBotX Antweight - This is one of the less expensive Antweight starters, but does not come with a frame or armor. Its a good option for someone who wants to do some of their own design work

Donkey - Another wedge beetleweight kit good for those who want to practice without a test box.

Synthwave - This antweight is a 4WD vertical spinner inspired by Hypershock. It is not one of the easier starter kits, and will require a knowledge of soldering and 3D printing

Baby Nautiloid - This antweight vertical spinner is one of the more complex kits available. Only attempt if you have experience soldering and want a challenge

Kitbots Drum Spinners - KitBots offers antweight and beetleweight drum spinner partial kits. These will require you to design your own drive system

Exile - Do you have too much money, and want to buy a beetleweight kit from Battlebots chamions? This kit is for you!

Thingiverse - Have a 3D printer? There are plenty of free combat robot designs on Thingiverse. Motors and electronics not included


Part Suppliers

In addition to these sites, make sure to check out your local hardware stores, surplus stores, and hobby shops

ItGresa Robotics - ItGresa is one of the two biggest US based combat robot part suppliers. A great place to go to purchase your Fingertech parts.

Palm Beach Bots - Palm Beach is the other big US supplier of combat robot parts. Also a good place to buy your Fingertech components

Fingertech Robotics - Fingertech is the largest producer of combat robot parts. They are based in Canada, so it is often cheaper and faster to purchase their products from ItGresa or Palm beach if you are in the US

Bristol Bot Builders - A UK based shop, they supply the very popular Malenki-Nano ESC/Reciever among other items

ServoCity - Provides a wide range of robotics and general electronics parts

Pololu - Another great source for general electronics and robot parts. They are the best source for wheels that press fit onto N20 motors

Robot Shop - The name says it all. A source for general robot parts

JSumo - This is a supplier for sumo robot parts, but the motors, wheels and other components can have valuable combat robotics applications

Digi-Key - An electronics supplier, but a good one

McMaster-Carr - Fulfilling all of your hardware needs. And then some. A good place to go if you're in a hurry to get parts

Bolt Depot - Another good option when you're looking to buy hardware

VXB - Bearings!

Avid RC - An excellent selection of small bearings originally intended for RC cars

Bielder's Belts - Belts, Belts, Belts!

Repeat Robotics - Run by an active member of the MRCA community, they sell the brushless Repeat Drive Mini motors with planetary gearboxes. They may be expensive, but they are excellent for antweight and beetleweight robots

Betz Bots - Primarily sells replacement parts for Necessary Evil Kits. This includes the Betz Bots Nano Power Switch, the most compact power switch available on the market

Bonk Industries - Home to a variety of antweight and beetleweight spinning weapons

Rectified Robotics - Selling components for robot drive and weapon systems, including custom drive controllers

Owobotics - Drive systems, weapon discs, and forks for antweights and beetleweights

Robot Matter - A great selection of combat robot parts, especially motors

Barcode Labs - Another small shop run by a member of the MRCA community. They are an excellent source of (Pre-Soldered!) FS2A receivers

Nuts & Bots - Aside from selling some good fairyweight kits, their store also has some high-traction wheels

Turnabot - An excellent source for N10 and N20 motors

Actuonix - For all of your actuator needs

Monsoon Robotics - Battlebots team Monsoon has a nice selection of fairyweight weapon discs

Just 'Cuz Robotics - Sells a variety of Beetleweight focused components, most notably power distribution boards that help make wiring cleaner and easier, as well as drivetrain components

Omega Kreations   -   Offering custom forks and wedges for Viper kits, among other products

Hobby King - Home to a wide variety of RC hobby components

Get FPV - Brushless motors, ESCs, and batteries originally intended for drones

EMax - More drone parts. Particularly good for brushless motors

Zehjiang - A Chinese supplier of a wide variety of electric motors

Bricklink - LEGOs can make surprisingly useful robot parts. Particularly the wheels

Online Metals - Sheet metal and sheet metal accessories

Sackin Metals - Excellent source of aluminum and titanium

Part Manufacturers

SendCutSend - Don't have a shop to manufacture the parts you're designing? Send Cut Send can laser cut the files you send them in a wide variety of materials ranging from carbon fiber to steel to titanium. They also offer other manufacturing services depending on the material you're working with

CNC Madness - A good inexpensive source of custom carbon fiber components

Just 'Cuz Robotics 3D Printing - Want to use 3D printed components in your bot, but don't have your own printer? Seth of Just 'Cuz Robotics has you covered

Betz Botz 3D Printing - For when you want to farm out your 3D printing, but you also want to keep it local to the Midwest

Xometry - Offers a wide variety of manufacturing options, incuding additive manufacturing (such as metal 3D printing), CNC machining, sheet metal working, and plasting molding among other things

Omega Creations   -   A small manufacture with laser cutting and 3d printer services


Torque/Amp Hour Calculator - Created by SPARC

Belt Length Calculator - Created by B&B Manufacturing

Weapon Bite Calculator - Created by Jim Hutchins of Team Over Engineering

Team Run Amok Design Tools - A variety of design calculators, spreadsheets, and tools from the Ask Aaron archives

Team Cosmos Calculators - More useful calculators and tools from Team Cosmos

Advanced Tutorials

Ask Aaron - If you have any questions about combat robotics, Aaron has already answered them. If he hasn't, then feel free to ask him

Robot Combat Wiki - The Wikipedia of fighting robots. It's filled with a wealth of any robot information you could want

Team Small Robots Fusion 360 Tutorial - Learn how to do CAD design for combat robots using the Fusion 360 program

Just 'Cuz Robotics Tutorials - Seth of Just 'Cuz Robotics offers a wide variety of tutorials for both new and experienced builders

Robert Cowan Tutorials - This series of videos by Robert Cowan of Team Copperhead will teach you about everything you could want to know about building a robot

Robert Cowan Resource Guide - Is our list of resources not good enough for you? Check out this list put together by Robert Cowan instead

Repeat Robotics Beetleweight Design Guide - This in depth guide can help you design a beetle from start to finish. Much of the given information also applies to other weight classes

Team Panic - More Youtube video tutorials. This time from Team Panic

Kill More Robots - A handful of useful lessons from MRCA competitor Caleb

Robot Fight Club - MRCA competitor Lucas has some videos on how to make extremely inexpensive robots among some other tutorials