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KCBC had its first tournament as a MRCA event on Saturday, and it went fantastically. With a full roster of 32 bots and a crowd pumped for combat there was a ton of energy in the air. Not only had most of robots never competed at a MRCA event before, but for many builders this was also their first competition. This lead to a fun event where no one knew who the top bots were likely to be. Lets see how they all stacked up!

3rd Place: GBT Robotics & Pirithous

Ethan Hyden of GBT Robotics was one of only a handful of MRCA regulars to make the trek down to Kansas City for this one. He made it worth his while by placing 3rd with his flipper Pirithous, and stamping his ticket into the MRCA finals. This is one place better than his 4th place finish at WRC earlier this year, and at this point Pirithous is easily the most feared flipper bot on the circuit.

2nd Place: Team Keep Flyin' & Red Sun

At his first ever event, Bill Carlson started the day not expecting to go far. However, he managed to drive his new Baby Nautilus kit, Red Sun, like a leaf on the wind. Putting his previous RC racing experience to use, he took control of nearly every match and showed his opponents no mercy. Still, at the end of the day he humbly chalked up his performance to "beginners luck".

1st Place: Rocket Squirrel Robotics & NautiBoy

For the second time ever, the final match at a MRCA event was between two identical kit bots. At his second ever event, builder Ryan Lowen managed to prove his kit NautiBoy was not only the best Baby Nautilus, but also the best bot at the competition. Not only did he manage to drive this bot into first place but his other entry, Slobberknocker, took 4th place and won a prize for being the best new robot. Despite his fantastic performance, Ryan was just happy he was able to put on an entertaining show.

Finally, a special thank you to sponsors Repeat Robotics and Fingertech Robotics. As well as the venue, Timeless Arcade, and event organizer Eric Bultman for putting on a terrific event. Everyone should be looking forward to the next one