The last MRCA qualifier of the first ever season has come and gone. IRFC was a real nail-biter. Unlike several of the other MRCA competitions this year, this event was very control bot friendly due to large pits that were open for the entire match. Lets see who benefitted from this unique arena setup!


1st Place: Grant Macura & Flippin' the Bird

Grant Macura of team Striped Might has been very busy attending competitions this year. IRFC however was his first ever MRCA event, and he did not disappoint. He overcame battles with vertical spinners, horizontal spinners, and other control bots, showing he can best any type of opponent. Let's see if he continues to prove himself at the finals in October!

2nd Place: Remy DeGuzman & Weird Flex

Everyone was expecting great things from Remy of y0 Robotics/Team Shreddit at IRFC, and he did not disappoint. After qualifying his powerhouse bot Mudskipper at WRC earlier this year, his control bot Weird Flex now has an invitation to the finals as well.

3rd Place: Grant Macura & Big Bill

Grant not only won the antweight tournament with Flippin' the Bird, but his other bot Big Bill also took 3rd place. I guess he just didn't want to leave any trophies for the rest of us.  But, this leaves him with a tough choice of which bot to bring to the finals. Which one will he choose?


1st Place: Remy DeGuzman & Wicked Wedge

Remy wasn't only successful with Weird Flex. He also had to show up everyone by taking 1st and 2nd place in the Beetleweight division. To make the finals possible, He drove Wicked wedge while his Shreddit teammate Santana Starks took the reigns of Candy Striker. Unsurprisingly, Remy is a bit better at driving his own bot then Santana, but not by much!

2nd Place: Remy DeGuzman & Candy Striker

There's only so much I can say about Remy dominating this competition. Maybe this is just his way of telling everyone else to get good?

3rd Place: Matthew Zhang & Null Pointer Exception

Matthew Zhang of Non-Linear Robotics had a very successful run at his first ever competition! His bot Null Pointer Exception may have been chaotic, but it was also extremely damaging. At one point he even managed to punch a small hole all the way through the arena floor!


1st Place: Elliot Peterson & R.A.M.

Elliot Peterson of Team Fireball and his fairyweight bot are on a roll. He managed to take 1st place at MNM, his second ever competition a few months ago. Now with three competitions under his belt he has two first place wins. There is certainly a future in combat robotics for him with that that type of win ratio.

2nd Place: Anthony Pressnell & FEAR

Anthony of Rochester Robotics was a last-minute entrant to the competition, but it's a good thing he came.  He ran the fairyweight bracket, losing only to the powerhouse that is R.A.M.

3rd Place: Dave Hurt & Ravenous Bugblatter

Dave Hurt of Team 42 Robotics had a successful run with his bot Ravenous Bugblatter. He only lost when Anthony and FEAR decided to fight him with their eyes closed.  Because FEAR couldn't see the Ravenous Bugblatter, the Bugblatter was unable to see FEAR in return. This left it dead in its tracks and unable to win the fight. If this didn't make sense, then you have some reading to do.

Well, that's it for IRFC 2022. Let's leave off with an Antweight Rumble!