So some of you can CAD!

Over the past several months the MRCA has been holding a competition to design an official kit bot for the organization. The idea was to create a design which is easy for beginners to build and also competitive at the increasingly destructive MRCA competitions. The community really came together for this one, and with so many great entries it was difficult to pick a top three. The three judges scored on a ten point scale in the categories of competitiveness, ease of assembly, and manufacturability for a max possible score of 90 points. It was a very tight competition, where any of the entries could have won, and a tie-breaker needed between the top two designs. Without further ado, here are the top three entries!

3rd place
Robot name: Trapezoid
Designer: Ben Thompson
Competitiveness: 6
Ease of Assembly: 8.67
Ease of Manufacturability: 5.33
Total points awarded: 60

Trapezoid was the first submitted entry, and it set the bar for the rest of the competition. The judges were blown away by the level of detail in its instructions and overall build quality. This entry was so well written it received the highest average score in “ease of assembly” with an 8.67/10. It will be a great choice for those who prefer to build things with their hands rather than 3D printing. This design also gives the builder an option between getting the parts laser cut with services such as SendCutSend or doing it in a home shop with a bandsaw.
Because the second place finisher is ineligible for a prize, Ben has been awarded the 2nd place prize of a free year of MRCA event entries.

2nd place
Robot name: Budget Cut
Designer name Joseph Betz
Competitiveness: 7.67
Ease of Assembly: 6.67
Ease of Manufacturability: 8
Total points awarded: 67

Budget Cut was entered by our very own MRCA founder Joseph Betz. It is based around a design which won a MRCA competition but has been simplified to use fewer components. This was not ignored by the judges who awarded it the highest average score of 7.67/10 in the competitiveness category. With a short list of parts and excellent assembly instructions, this would make a great first kinetic weapon bot for any new builder.

As Joseph is a MRCA board member he will not be receiving any prizes but his entry will be immortalized for all to enjoy on the MRCA website.

1st place
Robot name: Vortex
Designer name: Lane Moschel
Competitiveness: 7
Ease of Assembly: 7.33
Ease of Manufacturability: 8
Total points awarded: 67+1

Vortex is a fantastic robot which is made even more astounding by the young age of its designer. Fourteen year old Lane did a great job of creating a simple yet destructive bot which should do very well at any tournament. This was a very close competition with a bonus point being awarded to Lane for having very clear instructions making it easier for someone new to the hobby to get started.

Lane is receiving the 1st place prize of a year of free entries at MRCA competitions. Additionally, MRCA will be supplying him with the funds to make Vortex a reality. So expect to see it soon at a competition near you!

Thank you to everyone who participated. There were plenty more exciting new designs which aren’t listed here, but we look forward to seeing them at events across the Midwest!