With 10 days left until the MRCA Finals, we're super excited to introduce our event sponsors! Each sponsor already brings some really useful services to the hobby, but in addition to that, they've each generously contributed to our prize pool.

Our biggest sponsor, Palm Beach Bots, is adding some big gift cards, a robot kit, and awesome banners to spice up the event. Palm Beach Bots is the place to go if you want to buy your robot parts in one place. They've got Fingtertech parts, weapons, ESCs, servos, batteries, chargers, and so much more... like the new Repeat Robotics Brushed Planetary Motors!

Repeat Robotics has completely revolutionized antweight drive systems with their nearly unbreakable gearboxes and extra powerful motors. They've been kind enough to give (3) of their brushed motors to the winner, and (2) to the second place finisher this event.

Sendcutsend also decided to send some gift cards our way to make a podium at the MRCA Finals even sweeter. Credit to some of our nastiest weapons in the field, Sendcutsend always delivers quality laser cut and CNC router cut parts for the competitors in our league. If you haven't already used their services for a frame or weapon design, you're missing out!

I'm sure you can already imagine what you'll build with the many parts you'll have from Palm Beach Bots, the best brushed motors you can get from Repeat Robotics, and the manufacturing support Sendcutsend can offer, but just in case that's not enough, MRCA is adding additional cash prizes of $320, $200, and $130!

We're super grateful to have gotten the sponsors we have. Especially for our first year doing this, we've gained so much more traction than expected, and it's all thanks to enthusiastic people willing to give us a chance. With the help we get from our sponsors, we're given an opportunity to make each better event experience just that little bit more awesome for builders. Obviously, our sponsors can only do that if they're making sales though, so please consider supporting them on your next build if you feel so inclined!