1. Community Building:

The MRCA boasts a robust community of event organizers and builders who actively support each other and are committed to expanding the sport of combat robots.

2. Mentorship and Support:

  • A network of experienced Event Organizers (EOs) and an Advisory Committee for discussing event-related questions and idea exchange.
  • Assistance in portraying your event for potential vendors/insurances.
  • The MRCA aids those new to event organizing as well as experienced organizers in successfully managing their events. This includes advice on handling challenges, venue selection, and insurance processes.

3. Ranked System & Finals:

  • The MRCA utilizes an ELO-based ranking system for all its ranked events.
  • Annually, top builders from the Midwest and beyond, having participated in at least one MRCA ranked event, compete to determine the regional champion.

4. Rapid Event Fill-Ups:

  • An increasing demand for events is evident as MRCA ranked events, especially for antweight robots, fill up rapidly. Beetleweight robot participation is also on the rise since its introduction in 2024.

5. Enhanced Advertisement and Growth:

  • In 2024, the MRCA is intensifying its focus on social media outreach.
  • Event promotion will include posting about upcoming events, with highlights and media coverage of past events.

6. Inclusivity for Local Builders:

  • Hosting an MRCA ranked event allows local builders to feel connected to a larger community.
  • Builders appreciate the opportunity to see how they rank across the MRCA and enjoy the competitive spirit of qualifying for finals.

7. Sponsorship Insights:

  • The MRCA is actively seeking sponsorships to alleviate financial burdens for local EOs in areas such as arena construction and event hosting.

8. Innovation and Standardization:

  • The MRCA is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of the sport, including updates in rules, judging criteria, and systems like registration and tournament formats.
  • Efforts in 2024 include testing simplified judging criteria and exploring different tournament styles to enhance efficiency and increase match opportunities for builders.

9. Expansion Beyond the Midwest:

  • Interested in starting a regional ranked league outside the Midwest? The MRCA offers support and shares valuable lessons learned to help grow Combat Robotics to its full potential. We encourage you to contact us to begin this exciting journey together